Pickleball Paddle Reviews

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Xtreme Elite Composite

August 27, 2017

Wenatchee Valley Pickleball Club would like to thank Pickleball Central for providing the HEAD Xtreme Elite demo pickleball paddles for us to experience. The HEAD brand, while a long quality standard in other sports equipement (ie: ski and tennis), is new to pickleball. We expect a certain quality and technical 'know how' and we were not disappointed. 

The demo paddles were available to everyone, during our club play times (7 days a week), and we asked our members to evaluate the paddle characteristics, playability and their impressions of playing with the paddles. Some 20-30 people, from the WVPC, tried these paddles and discussed them amongst themselves. No one had previously played with any other HEAD pickleball paddle, so could only compare and evaluate in terms of other brand features, feel and playability. We look forward to trying HEAD's TOUR and PRO/L paddles to draw some comparisons.

Most stronger players felt it added more zing and power to their volleys and ground strokes and most all of the players felt it provided good touch. It provided something on both sides of touch and power. While average weight, it is suited for players who prefer a heavier paddle feel. The shape took some getting used to, but looks good and had a nice sweet spot. Everyone liked the handle and grip, the graphics were top notch and it appears durable and should do well for year round play. The feel of the paddles is well balanced with a very comfortable grip for average hand size, men and women. Some other feedback included, "it's a fun paddle," "great look," "Seahawks color graphics look cool," "low vibration," "nice, soft, rubber edge guard to better protect paddle edge," "will place order right away." The price, at $60.00, is the low end for HEAD, so we felt it was priced well. Consensus was that this was an excellent paddle for a player in the 2.5-3.5 range.

George Sherer is the recipient of this paddle, he is a second year player who jumped into the fray to write the first review on this paddle. George is really enjoying his new paddle, thank you Pickleball Central!

Russ Bryan, WVPC President
On behalf of the WVPC members

George Scherer
WVPC Member

August 28, 2017

We tried the mid-range Head Xtreme Elite paddle and at a weight of 7.8 oz. We found the play to be reliably solid and consistent with a nice, subtle crack sound on ground stroke hits. This is likely due to the honeycomb polypro core that Head calls optimized tubular construction (OTC). The face is fiberglass with a subtle stipple feel in the graphics. This may have added to our perception of better spin hits in our trials. At 16 inches long by 7.75 inches wide, this appears to be a large paddle, but its feel is modestly light weight. The best feature for our demo was the very comfortable, slightly longer grip (5.25 inches). Our play was for several hours and we felt no vibration and finished without wrist fatigue. The grip wrap and paddle rim is a quality that adds design continuity to the over-all paddle look. This should be a fine paddle for the range of players that seek solid play with a comfortable handling experience.

Dan Brawley
WVPC Member

August 29, 2017

If you have not yet had a chance to try out the new Head Xtreme Elite Composite Paddle, I suggest you do so. Whether you are happy with your paddle, or not, it doesn't hurt to try something different and you might be pleasantly surprised, I know that I was. I have played with this paddle quite a bit and really like it. It has good balance, a big sweet spot and a nice pop when striking the ball, without being too loud. The paddle as a little bit different shape than most and a quarter inch overlapping edge guard for protection, which I like. The grip is 4 1/4 inch circumference, wrapped with Softac, which gives a little cushion and just the right amount of tac as well as having a butt end to keep your hand from sliding off. This paddle may not deliver quite as much power to the ball, but it makes up for it in the control and softer touch. This paddle has a fiberglass face with a plymer honeycomb core, great graphics and, as our club president pointed out, you Seahawk fans will like the aqua green and blue colors. Give this paddle a try and see what you think and thank you to Pickleball Central for letting us try out this paddle.


Encore X

December 8, 2017

Engage Pickleball has developed a new Encore X paddle designed to maximize power and roughness. This is done by a "bonded skin" technology to give the face a soft feel. The paddle permits better control and placement for different kinds of balls. Our players say that the sweet spot is larger and they get better hitting consistency. An advanced polymer core helps make this a less noisy hitting surface. Our paddle weighed 7.8 oz. and with a 4 1/4" grip circumference, our player reported no fatigue after three 2-hour sessions. Our club players think this is a good, all around, paddle, useful for players beginning their tournament cycle. Advanced players will make good use of the apparent better control properties of the paddle face. Engage lists this new paddle for $99. It is an elegant design and has player appeal.

Ruby H. & George S.
WVPC Members

December 8, 2017

The elite pro graphite poly face 8.2 oz pickleball paddles has a nice size grip. The larger face offers a better sweet spot for me. This paddle is especially good for my net play. Shots that are normally out of my reach now work well, especially ground digs. This will be a good tournament paddle for me.