Shelters may be reserved by contacting the Park office and filling out a form.

$25 per group, which must be paid at time of reservation, and up to 6 tables may be requested (if available).

To reserve a shelter, please fill out the Facility Rental Application and return it to our office with the fee.

Special Event fee:  $250 for gatherings of 200 or more persons.  Copy of liability insurance on file at the park office, an additional facility use fee of a minimum $100 for cleaning and maintenance to be billed 10 days after the event.  


Fields may be rented on an hourly basis providing the renter fills out the Field Hourly Rental form.  Hourly rates are noted by park and rental payment must be made prior to use of ball field.

To reserve a field by the hour, please fill out the Facility Rental Application and return it to our office with the fee. Please view the Field Use Schedule, a link is located on the left sidebar.


Field Rental fees will be charged to a user for areas within the park that restricts the public from using those areas when the user has a scheduled event.

To rent a facility, please read and Fill out the Facility Rental Application. Once the application and liability insurance(naming the EMPD as additionally insured) is returned and approved, a Facility Rental Permit will be issued.

Eastmont Community Park:                                   
The whole park $500/day
Baseball field (one)                 $75/day
Baseball field per hour $6/Hour
The area between ball fields and the tennis courts $50/day
Tennis Courts         $50/per court/per day
Basketball Courts $50/day
Soccer field $75/day
Soccer field hourly rental          $6/Hour
Area South and West of the Pool $50/day

Tedford Park:
The whole park $125/day
Baseball field         $75/day
Baseball field per hour $6/Hour
Heavily treed area (depending on area needed) $25 to 100/day

Kenroy Park:     
The whole park $75/day
½ the park $40/day


The EMPD shall be reimbursed for the actual cost of labor for the services provided. The costs will include all FICA, Medicare, PERS, workman’s compensation, unemployment, leave and holiday accruals, group health insurance premiums and all other employee benefits and taxes.

(without labor)

Equipment costs will be charged back based on costs of the EMPD to provide equipment for any service provided. The charge back costs are developed from equipment purchase price, maintenance costs and current fuel costs.

Mileage rates for cars, vans and pickups will be the same as those set by the IRS for standard mileage rates.


Materials purchased to provide services will be charged at the department’s cost.

If labor and equipment time are required to procure the materials, the labor and equipment will be charged to the user group(s).


For-profit groups will be charged 17% of gross for events when a fee is charged, non-profit groups will be charged 12% unless other arrangements have been approved by the EMPD Board. If you are interested in a Concession Agreement, please fill out and return the Concession Application. Once the application and liability insurance(naming the EMPD as additionally insured) is returned and approved, a Concession Permit will be issued.


Event fees will be negotiated with prospective user groups, organizations and businesses depending upon the impact on park facilities and impact on park staff. The EMPD Board of Commissioner’s decision will be based on the benefit to the public, or for the production of revenue for the EMPD.


When a profit or non-profit group brings vendors into the park who sell goods or services, the park may charge a fee. The sponsoring group will collect the fee for the park department depending upon the conditions of the Facility Use Agreement.


There will be a 10% administrative fee added to applicable invoicing for offsetting the administrative costs involved in record keeping and processing invoices.