Apple Capital Recreation Loop Trail
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The Apple Capital Recreation Loop Trail traverses more than 13 miles of Columbia River shore lands.

East Wenatchee trail access locations are: 140 19th St, and 27th St NW at Empire Ave NW.

Parking lot and portable restrooms are available at both sites and are open from 5AM to 11PM seven days a week.

The Douglas County - East Wenatchee - side of the trail was opened in October 1994, completing the Apple Capital Recreation Loop Trail, the longest loop trail in Washington state.

Douglas County's section is 7 miles of paved recreational trail, from the Odabashian Bridge to Rock Island Hydro Park.

The key component of the loop trail is a three-bridge connection system: two over the Columbia River and one spanning the Wenatchee River.

The westside of the trail features an urban waterfront park system, complemented by the rich diversity of natural habitat offered along the eastside shoreline.

Since its completion in 1994, the Apple Capital Recreation Loop Trail has been a resounding success.

The trail has become a major transportation corridor that serves thousands of pedestrian commuters and recreational trail users each year. At peak times, the trail system can be busy with cyclists, walkers, joggers and skaters, all enjoying this spectacular resource.

In the winter months, cross country skiers and snowshoers also share the trail.

It's a great way to spend a day: leisurely walking, jogging, ridding a bike or for a roller blading excursion. Along the loop trail you'll find picnic grounds, day-use facilities, a boat launching dock, wildlife and other surprises

Regardless of whether you are bicycling, walking, jogging, skating, skiing, picnicking, roller bladding, or finding a quiet place for reflection, you're bound to have a fun, exciting, and pleasurable experience when you take some time and discover the Apple Capital Recreation Loop Trail.

The Apple Capital Recreation Loop Trail is managed by six different government agencies: The City of East Wenatchee, Douglas County Transportation and Land Services, Washington State Department of Transportation, Washington State Parks and the City of Wenatchee.